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Get the Tools to Market UBA Products.

HealthyAmerica strives to offer our producers tools they need to be able to market UBA Memberships and UBA Gap Membership Products making it easier to prospect new clients. These tools include all a la carte health and wellness Benefit Boost Subscription product brochures, UBA Membership Brochure and (coming soon) a generic optional supplemental UBA Gap Membership Brochure. Call Rachelle at ext. 202 for requests for us to personalize the flyers. We want to make sure that you are successful and have all the tools and information you need.

We are excited to bring you some prospecting tools to help you gain more clients for UBA Memberships and the optional UBA Gap Membership Products that include group insurance. We will continue to add to this page with new tools as they are developed and approved by our carrier partners. We want to make our producers stand-out and be able to provide marketing materials for Benefit Boost and UBA. As always, if you have any questions about the marketing tools or products, please reach out to our Agent Liaison, Rachelle at 800.964.8331 ext. 202 or by email and she will be happy to answer them. We are there for you!

Molly Powell, VP Marketing

Molly Powell

VP-Marketing, HealthyAmerica


Below you will find quick access to the UBA & HAA Membership Brochures, Benefit Boost Subscription Product Brochures, and the NEW generic brochure highlighting UBA Membership and optional supplemental insurance products available with UBA. We no longer use any plan specific product brochures. Please stop using any of the old plan specific brochures and only use the approved brochures listed below. We are only using the State Specific Certificate of Insurance for use of pre-sale and post-sale since coverage could vary or may not be available in all states. This way, you will make sure that you are showing and explaining the correct benefits available to a potential member in their specific state.

Please note, all old brochures were only a broad overview of the majority of state in which we marketed the plan but may not be reflective of every state's availability or benefits. You should always review the Certificate of Insurance with potential members to ensure that all state specific information including any variations in coverage, limitations, exclusions are discussed and reviewed.

Benefit Boost Subscription Product Sample Brochures
MeMD Virtual Visits

Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits powered by MeMD®, a part of the Walmart Health® family

Paramount RX Discounts

Paramount RX® Prescription Discounts

SML Dental Discounts

SML Dental Discounts powered by Aetna Dental Access® Network

Benefit Boost

Benefit Boost

Virtual PCP Solution

Virtual PCP Solution powered by MeMD®, a part of the Walmart Health® family

All Benefit Boost Subscription Products can be sold stand-alone or with some of the supplemental UBA Gap Membership products or HAA Membership. The Benefit Boost services are included as part of the + products in the Most Popular Supplemental Membership Products Category.

United Business Association (UBA) Membership
UBA Membership

UBA Membership

Healthy America Association (HAA) Membership
Healthy America Association logo

HAA Membership

UBA Explore & Enhance Membership Generic Brochure
UBA Membership Explore & Enhance Membership

New Generic Brochure. Discover what UBA offers its members.